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Introduction of Nature Cure :

Nature Cure treatment was in practice from the beginning of Nature's creation of all living beings. This is amply proved from the fact that there is the mention of Nature Cure treatment into the Eastern philosophies of Ves, Upanishads, Gita, Purans and Ayurved(Ayurbijyan).
But this practice gradually disappeared as human beings, instead of adapting themselves to theirĀ  natural course of lifestyle, started following unnatural lifestyle based on luxury and hurrying
At end of the Seventeenth Century, German Nature Cure physicians like Vincenz Preisnitz, Louiskuhne, father Sebastian Kennpp of Germany, Dr. Stanley Lief of Britain; similarly, Henry Lindlahr and Benedictlust of America gave their attention not only to preserve and continue the traditional practice but also played significant role in launching a campaign to make the people aware of its practice and usefulness. Similarly in India, Mahatma Gandhi played a vital role to bring awareness of feelings to adopt Nature CureĀ  practice of treating the diseases. In Nepal, Nature Cure practice as a campaign begins from 2024 B.S.(1967 A.D.). Since then, the role played by nature Cure physician like Dr. Birendra Kumar Verma, Dr. Sona Praba Verma, Indra Bahadur Shrestha, Dr. Kashiraj Upaddhyaya, remains noteworthy to all. Nature Cure has been legally recognized by the Government of Nepal in 2059 B.S.(2002 A.D.). Under the Changed political context of Nepal, it is hoped that the government will continue to provide effective help and protection to the field of Nature Cure treatment.