About Us

Establishment of Nature Cure Society, Nepal and Step towards the movement of Nature Cure Treatment:

Community Nature Cure Hospital establishes in 2063 BS/2006 AD in community based at Rajahar-1, Nawalparasi, Lumbini, Nepal. Community nature cure hospital is a Non-profitable, social welfare project. It is first recognized Nature cure Hospital in Nepal, pure community based hospital. In purposed Nature cure treatment was introduced to people, certainly efforts were made to remove the challenges and difficulties to face on the path of its development. Slowly and gradually increased in it reliability among the people. Nowadays, nature cure treatment is being universal and globally popular among the people of all continents.
Government of Nepal has been providing adequate 10 bighas land for the establishment of the hospital. With the co-operation and assistance from the representatives of political parties, representatives of various organizations, industrials, business people, social workers, intellectuals and ordinary people, they have been efforts to develop the hospital.

  • To run 300 bedded hospitals effectively based on nature cure technology with the aim of providing “TREATMENT ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERY ONE’ program.
  • To open a gateway for the scientists, researchers and investors to carry out research work in the field of nature cure, yogic science and its effectiveness.
  • To explore, verify and expand the ancient “Nature Cure and Yoga Technology” preserving its norms and values for the betterment of the future generation.