Treatment System Under Nature Cure

Nature Cure treatment is type of treatment of diseases without the use of medicine and without surgical operation; instead, natural means like ether, air, heat(sunlight), water and soil are used along with the adoption of fasting , rasahar(juice),  liquid-diet, fruit-diet, improved diet, etc.. Herbals are also used in their natural form. Balance of physical exercise and rest, socail and individual discipline(yama and niyam rules) are strictly observed. Treatment is also carried out practicing various pastures, having the exercise  of controlled breathing and performing meditations. Massage and acupressure are other approved means of treatment followed in the process of Nature Cure Treatment . In other words, all sorts of methods and process are adopted if they effectively filter out the unwanted elements from the body. Following all such process and regaining the health is known as Nature Cure Treatment.

Disease under- treatment in Nature Cure:

Respiratory problem(asthma), diseases of the nose, tonsillitis, nerve related disease, tension, depression, sleeplessness, migraine, spondylitis, thyroid disorder, high blood- pressure and low blood-pressure, heart-related problems, diabetes, liver problems, constipation, indigestion, gastritis, ulcer, acidity, piles, colitis, paralysis, stone disease, enlargement of prostate, kidney problems, spot on the face, shingle(skin disease), Psoriasis, obesity, infertility children and female person related problems, etc....

Characteristics of Nature Cure System:

  1. The equipment of treatment are nature and indigenous.
  2. By means of Natural treatment, not only the particular disease but also the whole body is treatment and purified.
  3. If we follow the natural way of life , we don't need to use modern medicine that has various side- effects on our body.
  4. We can feel free from the fear of disease and the side-effects of the suffer more.
  5. If disease, due to which we suffer, are cured in time, we don't have to suffer more.
  6. Nature cure brings awareness in the field of heath and people can enjoy the full blessing of their health in their natural State. More....